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The Big Step Forward

It has been almost a year this coming October since I took the "Big Step Forward". That meant I was leaving Vermont and starting over in a new place.

The reality is that I was committed, determined, excited, and ready to be completely out of my comfort zone. The evidence was all around me and for a long time, I chose to ignore the fact it was right in my face shouting at me. A positive life changing shift also meant learning to let go of the way I "worked"- it was no longer productive to work in the bubble I had created for myself. Getting settled in a new place, finding and setting up a studio, working through my anxieties, and learning an entirely new way of seeing myself is a big part of this journey. Confidence, patience, support, and a lot of faith breeds excitement and opportunities. I think that sounds cliche, but I know it is true because I see what happens when I do not have patience, confidence, and faith. It is painful, self-indulgent, and hurtful for myself/wellbeing, and especially hurtful to those around me when I lose sight of those sometimes elusive positive qualities.

I am extremely fortunate to have strong support from loved ones and I am grateful for what I have every day. I would never have been able to take the step without them, in fact I wouldn't have this website or be here attempting to write this first blog! Taking the "Big Step Forward" is also about shedding the many tough layers of my old skin and learning to grow in new directions. Having the opportunity to create art is a gift, but being given the chance to be able to create art and explore my true possibilities is a gift I could never have imagined.

Through this blog I hope to: chronicle my experiences as a working artist, share current works and progress making my art, gallery showings, points of interest, and my journey. Going back almost a year now, I will do my best to catch up and share this with you. A monthly posting seems to be a good place to start. I will learn as I go.

My new studio did not have wall space, so I framed one in.

Left. All moved into the studio space, but needed a wall to work on for drawing and doing large paintings. Shown here, I'm just about done framing the wall in and ready for sheetrock. You can see I also have two separate work spaces behind the wall.

Working on cutting masonite panels for paintings.

This gives another view. Cutting masonite panels and making frames for smaller painting. Right.

All set

Here it is-third large painting done in my new studio. Oil on canvas. Gives you an idea of how I'm using my space. Left.

I like to make my own stretchers for painting. I have all the tools to do so, and I enjoy the process of building a sturdy simple structure. It's a personal thing, and I think of it as the bones that lie under a canvas skin. Also, It gives me the freedom of making my own sizes as I like a deeper stretcher look, about 3 1/2". I feel it enhances the visual weight of a piece. Right.

Ok. Lights out and time to go. I look forward to sharing another post in a month.

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